Equipment Platform

Lean Cell

We have extensive experience building lean cell equipment. Our equipment has gone on to serve a variety of functions, including full function tests for throttle bodies in the automotive industry. Our machines can be built to conform to a very aggressive schedule for performance and delivery that meets the demands of our customer.

Dial Rotary Automation

Rotary dial machines are popular assembly platforms, and we have built many for our various clients. Past machines include ones for the assembly and leak testing of vales for the refrigeration industry and ones designed to cut insulating material in a variety of thicknesses with accuracy within .003”.

Linear Transfer Automation

We can build Linear Transfer systems that transfer your manufactured item via walking beam or precision link for efficient production.

We have built linear transfer systems that last for years for the mass production of consumer products. One system was built twenty years ago and is still in service today. It utilizes a walking beam to transfer a pallet that holds sixteen assemblies and automatically loads the components using a vibratory feeder. It then uses an epoxy resin to bond the components, oven cures the compound, cools the assemblies, and finally leak tests and unloads the finished products.

Power and Free Automation

Our power and free automation platforms utilize a conveyor to transfer work between asynchronous stations.